Aaisha al-oraimi

Tawl, محافظة مسقط

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About me:

A highly motivated, adaptable and responsible person with excellent communication skills. I have a strong belief that the spirit of collective and collaborative work along with leadership and time management skills are essential to perform any task and lay the foundation for success. I have considerable knowledge in Design network and GIS , therefore, aspire to make great contributions to the company through technology integration, innovation and positive change.

3+ years of experience in spearheading Projects involving GIS Creation & Management, Analysis, GPS Surveying with an aim to Execute Projects within Time & to enhance the profitability of the organization.
Experience of GIS system Development - Spatial & Non-spatial data collection, Digitization, Integration, Implementation, Map creation & Final report generation. Rich Experience in GIS Application to Engineering and in Fiber optic and Sewer line.

Extensive Knowledge of Spatial and Non-Spatial Data Models, Error Sources in GIS, Data Quality & Meta Data Concepts, Map projections, Analysis of Geodata, Network, Geostatistics.
Sound knowledge of GIS Database Design, Creation, Visualization, Maintenance. Demonstrated abilities in accomplishing projects goals & objective by gathering new requirements, formulating workflows, Dataset Creation, Analysis, Report Generation. Maintained broad and updated knowledge on current technology, equipment's and trend in GIS & Survey.


Sultan Qaboos University, Muscat I Sep 2013 - May 2018

Bachelor in GIS, Geographic Information System


GIS Engineer 

•Create, Manage & Conversion of Design Data for As Built Drawings.
GIS Database Creation, Maintenance, Manipulation, & Map using Design Data, Surveyed Data & Satellite Imagery. • Convert CAD Drawing

into GIS & digitize new data as required.
Create/Update GIS for Wastewater Project.
Query, Analysis & Map Creation using ArcGIS
Generate status maps to visualize work progress to enable Plan & Monitor Site activities.

Support Survey Department for GPS Survey, Establishing First Order Ground Control Points & Post processing data Using Leica & Topcon



A'Seeb Wastewater Project - Extension to Existing Network - Package II Client: Haya Water - Sultanate of Oman. - Sep 2015 - Till Date The sanitary wastewater from Package II is collected by gravity sewer networks which convey the flow & discharge it to the existing gravity sewer networks. The new gravity sewer networks are designed to receive flow from 5 Zones. Total Sewer length: 330 km.
oles & Responsibilities:

As Key Person of the project, GIS data Creation/ Conversion & Management. Conversion of Design data to Geodatabase as As-built data.

Lead the survey team to established First order Ground Control Points, Collate Geographic data from various sources - (Survey Data, satellite Imagery, existing Data in different formats), Data QA/QC.
Provide GIS support to the Execution Team on Site using a variety of tools such as ESRI's suite & Open Source tools.
Geo-referencing, Analysis, Projection Transformation, Creation of Graphical Symbol Library, Metadata creation, Create maps & reports for monitoring the Progress on Site. Assist the Planning, Design & Liasoning team on latest updates & Technical support.



Design Network Ftth ( RDD, UDD, FDD) in AutoCAD Software, Uploading Ftth in Network Engineer software Planning for New route Survey as per specification ( Inter-city)
successfully completed the cabling.

As a key member of the project, various DGPS receivers were evaluated for suitability according to project requirements, workflow formulation for spatial data capture and processing, static implementation, subsequent data processing for GPS accuracy, GPS program testing according to project requirements, field trials, and then all data entered In the AutoCAD program, its processing and implementation of an integrated network of optical fibers, using the




Managed design of dynamic widgets focused on [Area]
Implemented new application that help project team to collect data easily.
Solving any problem that face in the connections
Contributed to connect release many of areas.
Handling the Design, Support Development, Maintenance and Implementation of GIS.
Creating Maps and graphs, using GIS Applications & related tools Working towards GIS Database creation, Maintenance, Manipulation, & Map Publications as per standard & Client requirement.

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