Abdul-Monem Al-Amri A

Abdul-Monem Al-Amri

Muscat, محافظة مسقط

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About me:

I am Abdul-Monem Al- Amri, 23 years old. A fresh graduate student from sultan Qaboos University, college of Engineering. My specialization is electronic instrumentation and control. I have completed 5 years of education from 2016 to 2021 with cumulative GPA  2.98.


My Bachelor degree has been completed in 5 years in Sultan Qaboos University and my specialization is Electronic Instrumentation and  Control.


I have trained in Petroleum development Oman (PDO) for two months from 30, May 2021 to 29, July 2021. The training was covered the automation system hardware and software ( PLC, SCADA, DCS)  in addition to the alarm management.

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