Eng.Monther Aljabri

Eng.Monther Aljabri

Muscat, محافظة مسقط

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About me:

A man with a child spirit and an old mind, I graduated with a degree in marine engineering sciences , A friend of machines and books. I love tourism and adventure in my country. I welcome all human races and heavenly religions with love.I love work and sports very much.I like the idea of learning and speaking a new language.I'm attracted to everything about self-development.and very interested in mechanics and business And all that about that world within us is made up of feelings and ideas.

My motto: "Walk to your dreams, a limp and a catcher, waiting for prosperity is unemployment.


Bachelor of science in marine engineer.

Office on charge of an Engineering Watch as marine engineer, mechanical engineering, maintenance and repair engineering.


Engine Cadet on Oman shipping company 10 months. I have COC .

During training, we operate, maintain, monitor and inspect different types of machines such as: 
• Stoke main engine & diesel generator for electricity generation.
• Heavy machinery.
• Fresh water generator & Cooling and air conditioning systems.
• Operating systems, hydraulic control and pneumatic pressure.
• Crane lifting equipment & Oil Purification Systems and Devices.
• Sewage & waste treatment systems.
• Boilers and related systems.
• Different kinds of pumps with valves.

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