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Ibrahim Mohamed

Ibrahim Mohamed

Never give up

الخدمات المعروضة: المهندسون الميكانيكيون , الهندسة (الميكانيكية/الكيميائية/المدنية/الكهربائية) , مهندسو الاختبار الآلي

Muscat, محافظة مسقط
ر.ع.50 / ساعة
معدل تقريبي


حول Ibrahim Mohamed :

I have more than 4 years of experience as a mechanical engineer and specifically more than 3 years as a maintenance engineer, and my experience centerd generaly on Troublshooting, Repair, Maintenance, and Reliability.


North Baharya Petroleum company Norpetco, Karama Fields, Egypt

Maintenance Engineer April 2019- June 2022


• Leading Mechanical crew consists of 8 technicians.
• Responsible for making and building Maintenance plans & schedules, Technical reports, work procedures and work schedules.
• Responsible for maintaining the machines reliability.
• Responsible for making maintenance department  daily report.
• Responsible for technical evaluation of tenders.
• Work with Safety standards & Precautions (PPE, PTW, Work procedures, Risk assessment, Toolbox talk, mechanical isolation, Elec isolation, and LOTO).
• I was responsible for following up the status, and PM scheduling more than 100 diesel generators, 30 shipping pumps, 10 firefighting pumps and 10 cars in the company field.
• Responsible for making MRs (material requirement) alongside with the material department and warehouse for the mechanical section.
• Diesel Generators, & Pumps (Centrifugal, positive displacement, diaphragm, firefighting) troubleshooting and Repair.
• HPS (High Pressure System), & Pipeline troubleshooting.
• Making Calculations for pump selection.


• Repair 5 Caterpillar Diesel Generators 3406 292KW out of service having a serious problem that they can’t share load more than 36 KW and after repair works normally.
• Change more than 30 mechanical seals and Couplings for Goulds Pump 3196 i-frame.
• Adding the Concept of periodic check-up and survey for the assets by visually inspection, vibration metering, & thermal measuring.
• Contribute to the design and execution of 4 Clusters.
• Experience with Deep Sea & comAp synchronizing systems.
• Witnessing 5 ESP string assemblies and 1 pull-out.
• Perform Diesel Generator PMs for ESP Wells.
• Prepare training materials and I was responsible for trainin 10 groups of undergrads in the company field.

El-Awaam Pumping station EC Program, Menya City, Egypt 

Mechanical Engineer November 2018- March 2019

• Calculate and make the hydraulic design of the pumping station.

Industrial Development Of Automotive Components IDACO, October industrial area.

QC engineer. January 2018- October 2018

• Leading QC crew consists of 2 supervisors and 5 technicians. 
• Troubleshooting and resolve problems related to Harness manufacturing process.
• Make Five-whys & Cause analyses procedures to determine the root cause of the problem exists.


Helwan university 

Bachelor In Mechanical and Energy Engineering (Major: Power Generation), June 2016.

Grade : Very good 

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