Mostafa Khedr

Oman Smart Future City, منطقة الباطنة

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About me:

As a Teacher of Math (for Middle stage and high stage).

     Work under stress, Responsibility, Work long hours, Work with team.

     I am interested to teach Mathematics in Lower and middle secondary schools.



  1. An ICDL certificate, in 7/2007. 

2- Intel ® Teach to the future program.

   "A certificate of completion" in computer, 80 hours completed of professional development.

3- A qualification course for Computer, from Alexandria University, Faculty of Commerce, Centre For Research&Commercial Studies in Windows & Office XP in 8/2005.

4- An Entry level certificate in English for speakers from ILI Centre, Alexandria.  (In 1986)

5- A qualification course for Math teachers, from ArabAcademy for Science and Technology in Alexandria and The American University in Cairo, Degree: Excellent, 

7- A Bachelor of Science and Education, Math Dep.,

                                                                      (Alex University, Egypt. in 1991)

8- A qualification course for Training How to be perfect to work by Activeboard (Promethean) in Alex Technology Centre. 

9- A qualification course for Training Period of TOEFL (In 2006)

10- An Entry level certificate in English TOEFL ITP 3/9/2011


1-As a senior teacher of Math for middle and higher stages in Al Hail Private School (SULTANATE OF OMAN).2014-current

What kind of projects is Mostafa Khedr looking for?

Teaching math using new methods by depending on internet tools

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